How many minutes is a rugby match

G’day punters! If you’re new to betting on rugby, one of the first things you need to get your head around is the length of a match. Unlike sports with a fixed game clock like football, rugby matches don’t have a set duration.

So how long does an 80-minute rugby match actually last? On average, you’re looking at around 90-100 minutes from kick-off to final whistle. But it can be even longer depending on stoppages and injuries.

I vividly remember a brutal Test between the Springboks and All Blacks a few years back that clocked in at a massive 112 minutes! There were so many heavy collisions and casualties, it felt like a battle of attrition.

The match length is crucial to factor into your in-play betting strategy. Backing a team to lead at half-time is one thing, but having the legs to close out the full 80+ minutes is another matter entirely, especially at international level.

That’s why I always study team fitness levels, injury reports and player rotation plans. If one side looks lightweight on the bench, it can leave them vulnerable to a strong-finishing opposition in the closing stages.

Timing and smart game management are everything in the latter rounds of a draining arm wrestle. The best bets come from spotting which team has the discipline and composure to still be standing after 100 brutal minutes of action.

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