How many points is a try in rugby

Awring rugby punters! Understanding the scoring system is crucial when betting on the oval ball game. Today, let’s take a look at that most electrifying of scoring plays – the try.

A try is what you’ll hear the commentators yelling when a player grounds the ball over the opponent’s try line. It’s the rugby equivalent of a touchdown and offers the biggest point-scoring opportunity.

So how many points does a try bag your team? The simple answer is 5 points. However, that’s just for grounding the ball itself. The real point-scoring bonanza comes from the conversion attempt after the try.

If the team can successfully slot the conversion – a place kick from the intersection of the try line and a line parallel to the touchline – they add another 2 points to their tally. Making it a healthy 7 point aggregate for the full try-scoring movement.

As bettors, we need to analyze try-scoring rates closely. A match tipped to be an arm-wrestle between two defensive juggernauts might see tries harder to come by, impacting the total points line. While an open, expansive clash could lead to a try-scoring fest.

Either way, there’s nothing more exhilarating than seeing your bet come through thanks to a 70-meter intercept try in the dying minutes. Those 7 points can make all the difference come game day!

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